Dexter Washer F13 Error Code.

F13 is a very common error code that occurs on these washers. The meaning of that code is no communication between the Delta Inverter (VFD) and the main Control Computer of the washer.

In most cases the Inverter has to be sent for repair, however before doing so please check the following. First turn OFF the main power to the machine. VERY IMPORTANT! Then check the communication cable between the Inverter and the CPU. (It is the cable that has phone type connectors on both ends.) Please make sure that there is no corrosion on both ends of the cable, male (cable end) and female (receptacle on the board side). Also verify that the cable is firmly plugged in.

If F13 still persists, please send the Inverter (VFD) to El-Tech, Inc. for repair. Print shipping label here.