We have been repairing computer boards for commercial laundry industry since 1998, but our experience in electronic maintenance and repair goes back much further.

Our troubleshooting and repair process is based on the highest quality standards similar to those accepted by military and aerospace industries. Every board we repair undergoes a rigorous test process utilizing our own custom designed and built test fixtures and simulators.

We DO NOT do “shotgun troubleshooting”.

Use of our own custom equipment allows us to precisely pinpoint the problem. Once the problem is identified and faulty components are replaced, the board is tested and proper functioning is verified. After that, we perform Preventive Maintenance Service, by replacing components that are prone to failure. In the next step, the board is thoroughly cleaned, all debris and solder flux residue is removed.  At the end the, board undergoes a final test before shipping.

This approach assures the highest repair quality possible.

Logical vs. “Shotgun” Troubleshooting.

“Shotgun” Method – replace parts with no regard to symptoms of circuit faults. Eventually, maybe, the fault disappears. This approach usually results in greater downtime, replacing multiple components unnecessarily, greater repair cost and cost of lost production.

Logical Method – use knowledge of circuit and theory of operation to systematically analyze the device and determine exactly what is wrong.

Repair Quality

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