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Advanced Washer & Dryer Computer Board Repair


All boards carry a one year limited warranty.

In case of a board failure, please send it back for a free repair.

However, damage caused by misuse, water corrosion, improper installation, or removal of warranty label will void the warranty.

  • All repaired units carry 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor.
  • In case of VFD Inverters 1 year warranty applies to the original problem only.
  • All prices include return shipping to lower 48 states, unless noted otherwise.
  • Shipping includes standard $50.00 insurance provided by the carrier.
    If additional insurance is required, please let us know prior to return shipping.
  • Some repair prices may be higher, based on the nature of the problem.
  • Volume discounts on 5 or more items of the same type.
El-Tech Lab

We have been repairing computer boards for the commercial laundry industry since 1998, but our experience in electronic repairs goes back much further.

Our troubleshooting and repair process is based on the highest quality standards similar to those accepted by military and aerospace.

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